Grant Application

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Guidelines for Grant Applications

The geographic areas of interest to the Foundation are in the "Paso Del Norte" region:

  • El Paso, Texas
  • Southern New Mexico
  • Juárez, Mexico

The Foundation will consider grant applications from locations outside of this region, if they have a direct impact on the Paso Del Norte region. Currently, the foundation is only accepting grant requests from previously supported organizations. However, all previous grants over $500,000 will not be eligible to request new funding until five years after the last grant payment.

Charitable giving by the Foundation is primarily directed toward the following program areas:

  • Regional Economic Development in the Paso Del Norte region
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • The arts
  • Local Heritage
  • Quality-of-life Initiatives

Grants are not awarded for religious purposes, political purposes, or to individuals.

Thank you for your interest in a grant from the Hunt Family Foundation. We require all applicants to be members of GuideStar since the Foundation utilizes this service for verification of all compliance documents. If an applicant is not a member of GuideStar, the grant application will likely be declined.

Before an applicant is considered, proof is required that the applicant has a current exempt classification as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and that it is considered "not a private foundation" within the meaning of section 509(a) of the IRC.


Effective immediately, the following grant application deadlines apply:

  1. First-time applicants must submit the Grant Application between January 1 and April 15 of each year. The Foundation will make a decision by September 15. If approved, notification and funding will follow thereafter depending on the terms of the grant.
  2. Charitable organizations which have received grants from the Foundation within the prior two years of applying, may submit the Grant Application for consideration throughout the year.

Information required in the Grant Application

  1. Brief description of the organization and history
  2. List of Board of Directors, and senior staff members
  3. Specific amount needed, and payment structure if applicable
  4. Date of deadline for receipt of funds
  5. Purpose of funds (for operations, or project?), goals, etc.
  6. Project timeline
  7. Current operating budget and proposed project budget
  8. List of current and pending funding sources (with names and amounts)
  9. Amount of total Board of Directors contributions, and percentage of the Board members that have contributed to the organization
  10. Letter of determination dated no more than five years as of the grant application date